1. Large Orders (more than 30 8oz to 16oz bottles, more than (4) 12 pack 12oz cans or 17 22oz glass bottles)

If you are planning on buying more than 30 8oz to 16oz glass or plastic bottles, more than (4) 12 pack 12oz cans or 17 22oz glass bottles in a single order PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ACCURATE SHIPPING COSTS PRIOR TO PURCHASEOur shipping rules are not capable of calculating the correct shipping amount when purchasing more than the amounts noted above in a single transaction in order to ensure the correct number of required boxes are also calculated correctly.  Please understand if you purchase more than 30 8oz to 20oz glass or plastic bottles, more than (4) 12 pack 12oz cans or 17 22oz glass bottles in a single transaction it is very likely you will be charged for additional shipping fees if you placed an order, but did not inquire first about accurate shipping costs.  In addition, please understand there are other products and combinations in certain situations that can require additional shipping charges due to how our shipping rules work and the shipping amounts calculated at checkout.  Therefore, if you have any questions about the shipping cost accuracy, please contact us.

2. How is the cost of shipping calculated?

      • There are a number of variables that affect the cost of shipping which are:
        • Total weight of the box(s)
        • Package destination distance from the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area
        • Destination - Residential, Commercial address and if the location is in a metropolitan area or not
        • Type of product - some products require more cushioning protection than others. 

Shipping soda is more expensive than one might expect because it is heavy and very fragile.  For example, a 12 pack of 12oz cans weighs 10.5 pounds before packing, a single 12oz glass bottle weighs 1.5  pounds before packing and a 20oz plastic bottle weighs 1.5 pounds before packing.  Because of the weight factor and the fragile nature of beverages and in order to ensure as best we can your purchase will reach its destination safely, we use a combination of heavy duty burst strength boxes, 1 inch foam cushioning, bubble wrap and shipping peanuts.  As a result, our damage claim rate is extremely low.

3. How do I calculate the cost of shipping?

Our website has a fully integrated shipping calculator that allows one to easily determine the exact cost of shipping, before committing to buy.  Follow these steps: 1) add the item(s) to your cart by clicking on the add to cart button, once all items have been added to your cart you will now see the "Calculate Shipping" section towards the bottom of the screen.  2) In the Country field, select the name of the Country, (by use of the down arrow) where your items will be shipped to, 3) in the State/Province field, select the name of the State or Province, (by use of the down arrow) where your items will be shipped to, and finally, 4) in the Postal Code field, manually enter the Postal Code where your items will be shipped to.  Once this data has been supplied, 5) click the Go Button to the right of the Postal Code field.  A new box in the "Calculate Shipping" section now appears with a default shipping method and cost.  If you want to see other shipping options and the cost of each, click the down arrow in the right-hand corner of this new box.

4. How do I know if my order has been accepted or shipped?

At the time an order is placed, you will be sent an order acknowledgement email to the address you gave us which covers all details of your order.  If you did not receive this email in your inbox, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM FOLDER.  Once your order has shipped, you will receive an order completion acknowledgement via email from us stating your order has shipped and your order is now complete.  In the body of this email, you will find the tracking number(s) for the items in your order.  Two, you should also receive an email(s) from either UPS or USPS with the tracking number(s) and also emails from the shipping provider if there is a service interruption such as weather that is delaying delivery.  If you have not received the order completion acknowledgement email and you have confirmed it is not in the junk/spam folder of your email account that means your order simply hasn't shipped yet.  Please check your spam or junk email folders for the order completion acknowledgement email before contacting us to see if your order has shipped.  If you use your employer's email address, there is a very good chance you will receive little to no emails from us because of your employer's security spam settings; therefore; we highly recommend you use a personal email account which are available for free from many different providers.  Adding us to your safe senders lists in your email program will also go a long way to ensure you receive order and shipping information from us. In addition, if you have created an account on our website before you placed an order, you can always logon and check order status too.

5. I didn't create an account on your website, how do I track my order?

The short answer is you can't through our website.  Just like the vast majority of other online retail sites, if you checkout as a "guest" our system simply doesn't have an account to retain order history to.  In this case, please find your email from either UPS or USPS for the tracking number as discussed in number 4 above.

6. Does Soda Emporium consider USPS priority mail service an expedited delivery service?

NO, WE DO NOT.  The only type of delivery service considered "express" by Soda Emporium are any air delivery options available through UPS or any of the express or overnight delivery options through USPS.  In other words, any order with a delivery method of USPS priority mail will be shipped in the order received along with other UPS ground shipments unless the customer has communicated to us to "rush" their order and we are able to accommodate the request.  See number 7 below regarding "rush" orders.

7. What if I have a "Rush" order? Can my order be processed quickly so I don't have to pay for extra shipping charges?

In some cases it can be expedited, in some cases it cannot, but the only way for us to help you is for you to communicate with us by dropping us an email at  Otherwise, an order with UPS ground shipping or USPS priority mail looks to us like a normal, ordinary order where the buyer is not in a big hurry.

8. Why does it cost more to ship my order than the price of the sodas themselves?

We hear this constantly, so let's look at some facts.  There has been and will forever be an inherent, lack of alignment between the weight of shipping anything that weighs at least a few pounds when compared to the price of the item(s) and what it costs to ship.  In other words, the weight combined with the dimension of a box will ALWAYS trump the price of the goods bought online on many websites except in a handful of cases.  Simply put, the cost of shipping will almost every single time be equal to or many times higher than the value of the products you purchased when you are buying from small retailers such as us.  Let's look at a couple of examples.  First, let's say someone bought a very expensive $500 watch online to be shipped to their home and the box weighs 4 pounds.  In this case, if the retailer didn't ship free to begin with, the shipping would only be around, let's say $15.  Now let's look at shipping a 12 pound box of 12oz cans of your favorite soda pop which is priced at $9.99.  In many cases, the shipping costs will range from $15 to over $20.  Now, let's stop and think about this for a minute.  How is it possible a $500 watch only costs $15 to ship yet a simple, relatively ordinary 12 pack of soda pop costs about $20 to ship.  What we are describing to you is this disproportionate product value/shipping costs alignment that all consumers have to deal with when shopping online.  In the case of soda pop, it is a relatively low dollar value item, but it is very heavy and fragile and made of liquid.  So no matter how you spin the numbers, if you simply cannot justify the cost of shipping because you continue to attempt to compare shipping costs to the value of the item, you will likely never be able to reconcile the two.  One other way to explain it is the shipping companies care very little about the value of the items in a box from a shipping rate perspective, they are much more concerned with weight, dimension and how long or far they have to transport it from our hub in the DFW, Texas area to you or your designee. 

As we tell so many people every year, buying a consumable such as soda pop online and having it shipped to your doorstep is a WANT, not a NEED.  If your discretionary income, budget or current cash situation doesn't allow you to purchase now, trust us, we understand.

9. Why don't you offer free shipping?

A couple of answers.  1) we are not and will never be a big box retailer that can absorb shipping costs into the price of the products.  The vast majority of big box retailers have products made overseas for pennies on the dollar.  In addition, since they are shipping out in the 10s of thousands if not in the 100s of thousands of packages a year, they have the abillity to negotiate very deep discounts with shipping companies.  As a result, when you buy from them, they can easily absorb "free shipping" into the price of the products.  2) Grocery items such as soda pop have been for many decades and will likely continue to be sold based on razor thin margins and your soda pop haven Soda Emporium is no different.  Since we operate on very thin margins and since we are not a big box retailer, we cannot offer free shipping on our big, bulky, heavy, yet delicious soda pops. 

10. What shipping providers do you use?

      • UPS
      • US Postal Service
      • We do NOT ship via Fedex, DHL or other providers

11. Is it safe to ship sodas and beverages? Do they ever freeze or explode?

It is very safe to ship sodas and beverages around the world because of our expert packing processes!  However, in very rare cases, sodas and beverages can either freeze or be subjected to extreme heat causing the liquid to expand and "explode".  So depending on where your purchase is being shipped and the seasonal time of the year, please purchase your products when you have determined they will not be subjected to these forms of extreme temperatures.   Soda Emporium nor any of its shipping partners will NOT be held accountable for acts of nature that can cause damage to soda pop such as below freezing temperatures that cause glass bottles to break or cans expand outward and leak.

12. How do I know if the soda I buy is Fresh?

All sodas listed on our website with the word FRESH in the title and in the detailed description means the soda is FRESH and ready for consumption. This simply means the soda has not reached or exceeded its best by taste date, just what one would expect if buying the soda at a grocery store. However, if the word FRESH is missing from the title and the detailed description that means the soda has exceeded its best by taste date. However, even if a soda is not marked as FRESH does not necessarily mean one cannot consume the soda. It does mean the soda may not taste as crisp or may be a bit flat due to carbonation erosion. In some cases, we will note in the detailed description what the exact best by taste date is on a particular product if one is supplied by the bottler.

13. Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Absolutely!  We do everything we can to get our products to the men and women serving our country abroad so they can enjoy the beverages they miss from home.

14. Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, we ship worldwide

15. What do I do if my purchase is damaged in shipment?

Even with our expert packing processes, damage does occur in rare circumstances.  If your purchase has been damaged, please take pictures of the box, its contents and email to customer service at Upon receipt of the pictures, we will quickly investigate and either refund your payment or ship a replacement.

16. What do I do if my purchase does not reach its destination?

Contact either UPS or the US Postal Service first and ask them to determine if they can find your package.  If they are unable to determine its whereabouts, please contact customer service at and we will assist in the process.

17. What forms of payments do you accept?

      • We accept the following forms of payment:
        • American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover
        • PayPal
        • PayPal eCheck (electronic equivalent of personal check)
        • Bank Debit Cards
        • Green Dot Prepaid Debit Cards - visit for more information

18. What forms of payment are not accepted?

      • Gift cards
      • Personal Checks
      • Money orders

19. If I live in the DFW area, can I pay for and pick up my purchase and avoid shipping costs?

Yes, by appointment only on the weekends.

20. Do you have a physical store?

No, we do not.

21. Do you provide wholesale pricing?

No, we do not. We are strictly a retailer.